Wedding Lighting Ideas

Lighting is one of the most important and basic in the organization of any event aspects. Proper lighting is not only convenient, but also can turn your wedding into a totally different and dreamy space. Adapt the lights in the style of your wedding and give the ‘yes I do’ under the romanticism of an ideal lights .

Imagine your wedding wrapped in endless fancy lights! In today’s article, we bring you the latest trends in lighting for weddings. If you want your marriage is to last, do not miss our wedding lighting ideas. We bring you the best of the best!

Outdoor Wedding Lighting

Outdoor wedding lights are essential especially if the wedding will take place at night. And celebrate the wedding night, you need a light to provide light and warmth to the environment. There are many things to think about: what lights to choose, where to place them, how to put… The options are endless and we present some wedding lights decorations that are causing more feeling in the decoration of weddings. Take a look!

Top Ideas for lighting for Weddings

Plan well the space you are going to devote to your wedding celebration and fill light. Do it with discretion and good taste. To get inspiration you seek, read our wedding lighting ideas:

  • Paving lights. If your wedding is outdoors or rustic country style, this kind of lights work well in your space, especially at the banquet given long rectangular tables. Place rows of lights above the tables and combine with centerpieces where you can also include a secondary light, and small candles to light the tables.
  • Hanging decor. This type of hanging lights for wedding is much like laying of lights with the difference that the arrangement of the lights is vertical rather than horizontal. In this type of decoration for weddings combine light sources at different heights with other decorative elements such as natural flowers. The glass jars with candles or LED wedding lights are also very creative decorations.
  • Bulbs. It is a very economical option. Light bulbs work well in combination with other warm lights and also are perfect for a touch industry and retro to the environment. The bulbs are also ideal for light express messages like “Love”. Choose the word you want. It will be a most romantic decoration for your wedding!
  • Video mapping. Expression may not get familiar, but it is an idea very original and trendy to adorn and brighten your wedding. It is a lighting system that projects light creating different visual effects and shapes. You can use the mapping to project video images on your wedding.

Top lighting Secrets for Romantic Weddings

The lighting has become one of the fundamental aspects of any event, and is used both to take advantage of a somewhat hidden corner, to mark the passing of a place one space to another, without having to give the guests the instructions to follow. Among the many uses of wedding light, perhaps the most important is its ability to turn something purely functional factor in determining the perception we have of space.

Due to lighting can be easily zoned space liven up the atmosphere. Moreover, with proper illumination entire wedding will look like in 3-4 times more expensive than it cost you to actually: flowers sparkle with new colors, textiles on the holiday table will seem richer, and the guests and the couple in the photos turn out much better.

  1. Choosing lighting experts, better opt for those who have already managed to establish itself in the industry. However, as this trend has appeared recently, should not refuse the assistance of those who are just starting to deal with weddings. If there is a good professional experience in the theater, he knows exactly how to transform the “stage” of your celebration and focus on the main characters.
  2. On the light sources. Progress does not stand still, and every six years to find new and innovative solutions. Of course, the future of the couple does not necessarily have a deep knowledge of technologies associated with the production of professional light, but it would be helpful to have at least a general idea. At present, the lighting is most often used for spotlights, LED and halogen lamps and projectors with effect GOBO.
  3. Spotlight necessary for accent lighting of objects to which you want to draw attention, for example, highlight flower arrangement in the center of each table, the dance floor during the first dance of the newlyweds or a birthday cake.
  4. Wedding LED lights. LED emit a softer, “blurred” the light which is advantageous present perimeter of the room, giving greater comfort and romance. The best solution – a combination of the two colors of light. During the evening, one color will move to the other, and their intensity can be changed. Thus, each part of the celebration will fit your particular mood. Variable illumination not bore the guests and help maintain the necessary atmosphere throughout the evening.
  5. Halogen lamps are more expensive and bright. They also require more electricity (by the way, some sites for weddings prohibit their use halogens precisely for these reasons). These lamps are best used in the interiors, they are especially nice presented amber, warm colors.
  6. GOBO-effect – nothing more than a projection of light patterns (drawings, the initials of the newlyweds, etc.) on the walls, ceiling or floor, which now enjoys great popularity. There are hundreds of thousands of different “slide” for GOBO, but you can create a personal, with its own symbolism.

Outdoor wedding lighting – Make your wedding bright

Today we will talk about the importance of proper lighting and lighting for weddings. Choosing a space for your celebrations pay attention to its brightness. After all, even the most beautiful decorations and fresh flowers can simply “die” in a dark space. And then comes to the aid additional lighting. The backlight can be several. And now we look at the pros and cons of each.

To make your wedding really fabulous, it is worth considering the conditions of the site. Any restaurant or cafe offers for rent a banquet hall, equipped with chandeliers, spotlights, or all sorts of combinations. Your main task – to decide how you can beat this minimum, to make the wedding special. Be sure to check the site in the evening in order to understand what additional resources or attributes you might need and how much.

Wedding Candle

Few things can compare with wedding candle in creating a romantic atmosphere. wedding candles are universal. Everything depends on the ensemble and the color that you choose. Remember that for the bright wedding candles are ideal shades of gold, give the necessary light and a warm atmosphere.

Decorators happy to use the variety of available tools that nature gives us in the fall. If we talk about wedding candle, the main thing – do not forget about safety. That is why it is best to draw the base of the candlesticks, avoiding the immediate vicinity of flammable materials.

The best option to issue or candelabra base rail supports. To do this, fit acorns, branches of mountain ash, moss. Very nice look wreaths made of branches barberry – dark bark framed leaves of all shades of burgundy with bright pink berries look simply amazing. Wreaths, decorated with oak leaves, acorns and rough twine emphasize eco-focus of your wedding.

If your wedding will be held in rustic or Shabby chic – Place wedding candles in clear glass jars, can be of various sizes and formats. Wedding string lights can be placed on tables, hung on strings over a table or attached to a tree branch. The effect is stunning – hundreds of magical lights, reflected glare from the glass. Many weddings often take place indoors, so put on the table a large bouquet of branches. They can also hang candles in glass cases, and further decorate with ribbons, glass beads or figurines of birds.

Do not forget to decorate chandeliers banquet hall. For example, the sheaves of ripe rye, which has long been a symbol of fertility. Spikelets can be combined with a few bright patches like dried flowers or bunches of berries. Flowers range is also quite suitable.

These days we harvest fruits and vegetables. Why not use them for decoration or chandelier candle holders? In order not to turn a banquet hall in vegetable shop, consider the size of exposure and not to overdo the amount of different fruits or vegetables. It is best to choose one thing that will be the main element of the design. One of the most popular options – apples.

Best Flashlights

This type of lighting can be used in almost any wedding – most importantly, to find the appropriate style. Large outdoor lights can be concise and rigorous, and the suspension – small and cozy. For your wedding, it is important to style lanterns were decorated in natural colors and natural materials. Wrought iron and wood – the best option. By the way, if you lay out the bottom of the lanterns with green moss, they will add a little atmosphere of the wedding fairy tale forest.

Small flashlight can be installed on banquet tables – in addition to the extra light you relive their decor. Lanterns on the table can be decorated with Canadian maple leaves large, have very recognizable interesting form. Do not overdo it with the number of tracks and avoid shapeless. It is unlikely that you want the effect of rake collected pile of leaves on the table. Your purpose – to clean lines and consistency.

Garlands of lights provide additional lighting on the upper part of the hall – warm and shimmering. Incidentally, the lights need not be glass. Recently, a very fashionable to make out the wedding paper lanterns. They allow you to create original design thanks to its lightness and the possibility to choose the color, shape and texture at an affordable price. To give the standard paper lamp mood, take on arms art applications. Decorate the paper scope of large leaves staggered. Contrasting base color will make the composition more vibrant. The basis of the same colors – more tender and romantic.

Light Garland

Light garland is perhaps the most popular way to illuminate and decorate the wedding at once. Garlands of hundreds of light diodes can decorate trees, the entrance to the restaurant, a table of young – anything you see fit. The main thing – do not overdo it and do not turn the wedding in a Christmas show. Prefer warm light. The main thing to yellow, red or gold colors were cool. Effect neon lights in the wedding should be avoided.

The effect of light garland can be made softer or unusual if you use more cloth drapes. For example, skip the light garland over the dome of tissue under the ceiling. The folds of fabric, illuminated from within gives an amazing effect. Curtains and tablecloths – another place where light garland will look just magical. To the wedding does not become a New Year’s corporate, do not use light garlands themselves, separate from the rest of the decor. Their color should always be combined with the color of the cloth on the banquet table, the basic shades of Flower or the bride and groom outfits.


The first cold nights, we are reminded of the fireplace and a warm calm light. Remarkably, if your banquet hall has a real fireplace is equipped. If not – you can always find an interesting alternative. At the festival, you can install an electric fireplace or use a special design, which creates a fire simulation with a cloth, airflow and lighting. It looks very natural, and it is completely safe in contrast to the open fire.

Outdoor Wedding Lights

Carefully thought-out lighting help to create a romantic and festive atmosphere at the wedding, because is think in advance all the details concerning lighting celebration. We offer you 15 stylish ideas for wedding lights decorations.

1. Wedding candle

Wedding candle of all colors and types – the classic attribute of the wedding. Simply spectacular, budget and romantic. Candles can supplement the basic coverage of the wedding party or be the only light on some phases of the holiday (the first dance of the newlyweds, takeaway cake or the final word of the newlyweds).

2. Candlesticks

For more interesting effects Think what you will arrange candles. Did you have a lot of candlesticks in the same style that you will put across the hall. And you can decorate wedding songs with floating candles or candles suspension on chains or belts.

3. Candelabra

Chandelier – some artsy accessory that will suit not every wedding. However, in the luxurious celebrations or weddings in the style of Victorian, chandelier will be a wonderful decoration of the hall, photo zone and a lounge.

4. All sorts of light garland

In fact, the light garland – a combination of lamps with interesting candlesticks. Pick up the original form of garlands (flowers, balloons, angels, etc.) or make your own light garland of vine, harnesses and others.

5. Lanterns and lamps

Antique lamps and lanterns create a special flavor to the wedding. They look very impressive and are perfect for a fabulous and historic weddings. The only problem – difficult to find a large number of identical lamps. On the other hand, you can use several types of lights to decorate banquet tables, photo zone and a lounge.

6. The original fixtures

If you can afford it, pay attention to the intricate chandeliers ready. For example, it may be difficult bulky accessories, combining lights and natural materials.

7. Position the light correctly

You can play with the arrangement of candles and candleholders. For example, illuminate the road to the banquet hall, delimit the dance floor, put a word or highlight Candy bar.

8. Wedding fairy lights

If the wedding is held outdoors, be sure to think over the decor of trees and bushes by wedding fairy lights. An excellent choice – a scattering of small decorated tree garlands, lights or garland mesh. You can highlight as the trunk and branches.

9. Lighting Balloons

In recent years become popular at weddings balls lamp. During the day they allow the color to complement the decor of celebration. In the evening, a source of light. They are good for banquet halls and dance floors.

10. Coloured lights

Why not highlight lounge or special part of the banquet festivities selected shades? It is modern, with respect to the budget and spectacular.

11. Projectors

If you want more originality and symbolism, pick projectors, with which you can create labels with the help of light. And then – it is up to the imagination of what to write on the floor during the first dance, which the inscription “Empty” on the walls during competitions or toast, etc.

12. Glowing background

Numerous bulb garlands or LED wedding lights will create a background of bright points. They will look beautiful in the decoration of the hall and in the decoration of photo zone and a lounge.

13. A variety of accessories

Pick up the original or interesting to decorate candlesticks candle holders. Wedding portal offers you a lot of master classes on making these accessories with their hands (sparkling jars, candle holders made ​​of wood or filaments, etc.).

14. Glitters

Modern technology offers special accessories – letters with wedding LED lights. They are suitable for the decoration of the grand banquet and place the photo shoot. You can make such an accessory made of wood, aluminum and even paper, using candles or LED wedding lights.

15. Sky lanterns

Imagine that you are. Start at the end of the evening a lot of sky lanterns and make a heart’s desire.

Working with lighting at the wedding – a responsible and fun. It will make the celebration a truly memorable and luxurious! With these ideas in lighting for weddings sure that your head is full of inspiration. Choose the type of lighting that you like and illuminates your wedding!

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