Modern Bedroom Lighting

Lighting need to think more in advance in the process of finishing the bedroom , because at this stage it will be easy to lay the necessary cables in the wall and mount lights in the desired area and to bring communication to the false ceiling LED lights. This point must be considered, as radically alter the entire lighting system after major repairs will be much harder. In this regard, we make this article for modern bedroom lighting with creative ideas for more comfortable.

Top Ideas for Bedroom lighting Design for more Comfortability

To properly decorate any space there an infallible rule: consider the three types of light: Environmental, comprehensive and timely. In the bedroom need, on the one hand, general lighting, shadowless uniform which clearly see the space for any task. In this case, it is better to opt for a plate or several bedroom ceiling light fixtures. On the other hand, also require a ambient light to provide warmth and make it more welcoming environment with one or more points of indirect lighting and intensity medium-low (or dimmable). It is the light that we need to just be, to move through space.

General lighting

If you decide to carry out the general lighting in the bedroom, it is in any case should not be bright, it should not be a large chandelier with powerful lights, sharply beating in the eyes. The light pouring from the false ceiling of the bedroom should be soft and diffused. For scattered light, there are several methods. The easiest – is banal protection of sources of light shades and different caps.

While receiving the luminous ceiling looks much more interesting, namely, halogen, or fluorescent lamps, hidden behind glass windows. And you can arrange elements on the translucent film highlighting a stretch ceiling – the light will not only soft, but also visually increase the ceiling. The idea of creating a starry sky is also very attractive for the bedroom. After all, look at the twinkling stars, if not real – a real pleasure, promotes relaxation and dreams, and hence the rapid fall asleep. A technique is as follows: for the stretch ceiling are hidden optical fibers, which by means of filters begin to sparkle and a different light, the dim or too bright, creating the effect of a starry sky.

By the way, with a hidden light can be a good idea to experiment. To do this, fluorescent lamps placed under the ceiling and hide behind walls or projections of cornices. Thus, it seems to break away from the walls of the ceiling.

A few light sources can be integrated in the floor to create highlights and get the effect of the separation wall from the floor, as well as the sense of weightlessness and floating. Finally, a simple ordinary lamp, or a combination of the scattered light is also possible to arrange suitable lighting for the bedroom. And not necessarily that ceiling lamp must always be attached in the center of the room. For example, a lamp with a directional light can perfectly accommodate up directly above the bed.

The Issue of General lighting

Sources of general lighting are absolutely in every bedroom, and they are being given a lot of functions. The most common of these are lighting fixtures, located at the head of the bed. It can be with table lamps, wall sconces, and built various decorative items such as illuminated stained glass and paintings. 

The general lighting source must be located at a distance of 1.3 meters from the floor. In this regard, the most comfortable bedroom lighting fixtures – floor lamps are considered.

Lamps movable arm with flexible legs – also a good option, especially if the bedroom is not for one person, but, for example, for couples or for children of different ages. Such a light source can always be tilted to the desired height, for example, close to him to read the book, so as not to interfere with sleep another person. Encased in a mirror or a cornice dressing table lamp will also serve as a general lighting source.

We should not forget about the traditional bedside table lamps that are capable of reading a sufficient amount of light. Moreover, today there are extremely diverse design, that allows you to choose the appropriate model for the interior of any style. Classic is always the most popular, such as a desk lamp with a luxurious shade on a metal or ceramic base. Or bedside lamp crystal – just great for the classic style. For modern styles as there are many models of lamps on chrome leg having a laconic forms lampshades.

Those who do not have bedside tables in the bedroom, we can recommend bedroom wall lighting, which are mounted on the side bed with brackets. They are also light enough to read and designed lampshades famous for a huge selection for every taste and interior. By the way it is now extremely popular wall lamp for the bedroom – a very original design decision.

Decorative lighting

To create a special atmosphere of comfort and convenience, you can highlight anything, including architectural niches, columns or other elements available, using different methods of hidden lighting or area lighting.

Very impressive wardrobe looks light having a translucent glass door. In addition, it is also convenient. Backlighting can be integrated on the top or side, and sometimes below. Thus, the usual wardrobe transformed into light for the bedroom. A backlight can be built into the mirror located in the door of the cabinet, particularly if there are no other sources of light. This can be used for tiny spot light, LED, slots or one rotary lamp near the mirror.

Paintings , illuminated both outside and inside, extremely impressive look. There are stained glass panels and painted special glow in the dark paint.

To give some drama, for example, applied LED bedroom lights that can highlight as the ceiling, and any other element of the interior design. Often used a new technique: constructing a decorative niche at the head of the bed, after which the LED is illuminated, giving a soft light. The effect is stunning, a 100% placement adds comfort and warmth.

In the stained glass ceiling, or stretched canvas in the construction of plasterboard and hiding mood lighting, which gives the interior design elegance and originality. By the way, illuminated stained glass ceiling in the bedroom is quite capable to become a bright accent in all rooms.

Children’s Bedroom lighting

The children’s bedrooms need special lighting. To locate the various points of light we must consider what activities take place in the small room to sleep, study, play or read. However, the most appropriate source of children’s bedroom lights is the nature . To make the most of the curtains should be light and translucent to soften direct sunlight. Regarding the artificial lighting, in all cases one should opt for lamps that are not accessible to the child (sconces, ceiling lamps, etc.) and have enough weight for the small can not pull or drag. It is best to place a lamp in the center of the roof, to a height sufficient for small non can reach from the bed or on a chair.

Tips to choose Bedroom lighting Fixtures

In the bedroom, we not only sleep. If so, we would not need any light; we be content with the absolute darkness. The truth is, however, that this piece offers us infinite possibilities; in it, we can watch TV, read, do some mild exercise. But for all these activities without any problem, it is essential to have adequate light. So today we will give you some tips to choose bedroom light fittings.


The first thing to do is to measure not only the overall dimensions of your bedroom, but also the spaces that are available for placement of a lighting fixture. In this way, you can choose a light fixture whose proportions are harmonious with your piece.


Overall, the bedrooms are often no more than two or two and a half meters high. Take this fact into account and tries to avoid the fixtures bodies very high. The ideal is to opt for an average height; just so you can make sure your room is airy and light does not represent any obstacle for any activity.


Do not install any bedroom lighting fixtures over the bed; this light you will be uncomfortable. Instead, choose to place a soft lamp light (but not opaque) beside your bed, at the level of your face. If you’re a night reader, you can also choose to buy bedroom reading lights – portable lamps specially designed for this activity. These allow you to read at your leisure, without the light disturb your partner.


For more good lighting, it is impossible for a single lighting fixture will satisfy all your “lighting” needs. Ideally, then you choose more than one light source and distribute properly in your bedroom. Better you have several lights lower voltage-that is almost a rule of thumb.

Cool bedroom lighting – How to plan and organize

Bedroom – a special place in the house or apartment. It is intended primarily for rest or sleep. Given the purpose, conditions inside must fully comply with this and this is not unimportant role played by lighting .

Modern bedroom lighting – How to plan

Before the repair, it is important to plan in detail the lighting of the bedroom. It is up to skillfully chosen lighting will depend on the comfort of sleep. Only soft and not harsh light present resting positive emotions. In some cases, it requires changes in bedroom lighting wiring. For the reconstruction of the interior of the bedroom, you can also hold its overhaul. During such repair and cables will be laid in the walls, additional wiring.

Only after the removal of old coatings can be qualitatively carry out electrical work for each lighting point. 

If you do not wish to carry out overhaul of the lighting in the bedroom, it is possible to radically change the decor. This can be done by reviving colors. Yes, and it will not hurt to install new lighting – floor lamps, wall lamps.

New fashion trend are spotlights. Using combinations of lighting can be achieved even light or recreate the starry sky on the false ceiling LED lights. Lighting design also includes a remote light switch, which greatly improves the quality of rest.

As Mounted lighting?

Whatever the room, its size, any lighting installation is done in two stages. First wiring located in the room, and then set lighting fixtures. During the placement of lighting electrical wiring is done. The recent installation of non-standard types of lighting installed low-voltage equipment (transformer 12). Further, the installation is carried out and fixing lighting at pre-arranged locations. To them can be installed specially niche recesses or holes directly into the walls – it all depends on the decision of the designer. For comfortable bedroom, it is recommended to pay more attention to the placement of switches. They may be basic and duplicated in different parts of it, especially when the larger rooms. For example, a switch can be installed at the head of the bed.

In recent years, more and more set of sensory and remote switches. It is very convenient, because in order to turn on or turn off the lights, you do not need to get up. Thus, significantly improved the quality of rest. Thanks to modern lighting, you can install multiple levels of lighting. It can be shared, local and ornamental. All of them give the bedroom a unique look and provide it an atmosphere conducive to relaxation.

Different Types of Lighting

So we already know that high-quality lighting – a pledge of good rest. And the first level of light in the room to be shared. For example, at a time when you just wake up, you will hardly please the harsh light bulbs. For the eyes, not yet accustomed to the bright light, it will be the most comfortable and soft light blurred the top of the lamp. Only he will not cut his eyes. To create a soothing overhead lights are used all kinds of lampshades. They fence off the most eyes from the bright light bulb. They can be further decorate the ornaments, ornaments, specially selected to the interior of the bedroom. Combined or plain false ceiling LED lights as well to cope with the task and give your eye a soft quiet light. Each bedroom is sure to be and downlights. As a rule, they are placed at the head of the bed. With this function it is very good at reading lamps. But it is also possible to have a bedroom set and wall lamp, night light, floor lamps. They emit a muted soft light. In addition, table lamps, floor lamps and lamp can be decorative, issued a colored light and create an interior room with a single compositional whole. To use this coverage you need to have installed in the bedroom extra sockets and switches, then they will be comfortable to use.

For romantic bedroom lighting – fans of romance you can put the projector that can simulate a beautiful starry sky. Admiring them to quickly eliminate depression and give a good mood. A well thought-out and chosen lighting in the bedroom is able to give you a good rest after work, to ensure a healthy sleep. In this room, you can quickly recover and be happy to start a new day.

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