How to Get Good Lighting in the Apartment

Lighting is important as a home design and architecture, it creates a special atmosphere sets the mood of the home. The lighting of each room is a different story, each of which has its own secrets and rules.

When you create a stylish, “live” Interior design plays a special role proper lighting. Proper organization of the world affects the visual perception of space, on which the warmth and comfort of home. Let us examine some of the rules of the organization of home lighting in the apartment.

Modern Home lighting with Fascinating Ideas for creative lighting

Lighting is one of the fundamental aspects, why this time are some suggestions of how to make your home shine. The room should always be well lit, as far as possible to prevail natural light and night with the place needed to be clear lights. You must have strategic points of light, which will make the uniform and soft lighting.

Getting the good lighting in the home is not a question of aesthetics, but it is essential to perform common tasks in the home environment and maintain good eye health.

Having enough light to read without effort, cooking, shaving, applying makeup or enjoy conversation with family helps preserve healthy sight for long.

Introduction to Good Lighting

To decide the location of the lights, first you must identify the purpose of the room and the activities that can be realized in the same. You must also think about the desired room temperature before performing the lighting plan. For example, a family living used to talk and to rest, for this warm lighting is needed. However, a room in which various activities (games, readings) are made brighter light is needed. In addition, the lighting can be used to attract attention and highlight objects in the room, like a beautiful painting or details of the walls. To meet all the needs mentioned above, the lights have to be placed in different locations and using different intensities.

Home lighting: Elegant white living room with ceiling light fixtures

  • Thanks to the sun we can enjoy during the day for a refreshing natural light. As will dusk, dark rooms turn and it’s time to turn on the switches. The interior design insists that houses can not light without first studying a number of issues, so the task of placing lamps, bulbs or fixtures should follow rules.
  • Determine the right light takes a rigorous study on the environment, on who dwell and which will fulfill the function. It is sometimes hard to believe how much you can change the same space with different lights. Sharpen the critical eye and watch carefully as the light is worked each time you enter to different environments, it is a useful exercise that helps to form a light culture.
  • The key to keep in mind when decorating is never lose sight of what is meant in the environment. Light is a foundation that helps express. Once acquired the basic knowledge about it, begins the stage where you play with the position and format of the fountains. On a proper lighting scheme, the entire room will look different.
  • Planning the electrical installation of the house is one of the priority measures if we buy a new house. Before painting, after the choice of furniture in mind and distribution in the rooms, we must give appropriate instructions electrician to install wiring and plugs. The best ally when it comes to allocating these lighting elements is balance.

Types of lighting

If we want to achieve a warm and welcoming space in our home or work area it is necessary to know the types of lighting that we use and achieve give that extra decoration to our house. Thus we can have different solutions according to what we want to emphasize that instead of a space should be more enlightened, whether direct or indirect light; if we choose to allow more adjustable lighting or dim light for a more intimate atmosphere.

If we want to illuminate a painting or a mural, or offering spotlight according to the decor and the effects we want to produce. From the traditional to the innovative lamps LED lights, the lighting market offers products of increasing quality and performance. Among them they can be highlighted:

Traditional lamps

This type of lighting has to take between 1,000 and 1,200 hours. Its operation is simple: the electrical current heats the filament within the bulb and so emits a halo of yellow light which also represents a source, although minimal, heat makes them ideal lamps to illuminate areas near the sofa, hallways, living rooms or corners.

Another remarkable detail is sold in different colors, allowing give each room a personal touch. Thus, these traditional lamps are the most common and oldest and most important, they are the cheapest. Now if its duration and efficiency compared to other systems they are not as cheap as they appear.

These traditional lamps become visible light only 15% of the energy consumed, so its effectiveness is very low. Basically expensive for details or according to their power, which can range from 40 watts to 150 watts.

Low power consumption

This system is a cost substantially lower than the energy of traditional lamps. Consume five times less energy than incandescent lamps and can run up to 15,000 hours, which means a saving of 80%.

Once lit need time to reach the intensity of light that can offer a real problem if it is located in an area of ​​the house that just need this artificial light. They have the ability to convert energy into light and not heat. It is strongly advised to use in areas requiring prolonged illumination, since its major disadvantage is that they consume more energy to be ignited.

Those interested in decoration are great advantages in using this type of bulbs, because there are different colors and finishes, allowing the bulb itself is an embellishment, without carrying a screen. In assessing performance and product cost, the energy saving light bulbs are almost six times more expensive than common, but its duration and minimum consumption, depreciate their price performance.

Halogen lamps

Halogen lamps differ from previous ones by its luminous brilliance, which does not decay like the light bulbs or traditional lamps, suffering blackening its halo of light just before the end of its useful life.

For its high power, outdoor lighting has often last more than 3,000 hours but it can also be adapted to lesser powers to be used indoors. Only a current setting and the installation of a transformer 12 or 24 is required volts.


This is a LED bulb with a completely different type of technology. LED lights use a Lumileds Luxeon system that creates a bright light source home and has all the potential energy savings. It is a versatile light source that can be used in the most elegant and visually appealing way that lighting is available. They are much more efficient than traditional lamps.

In any space, LED lighting can provide 50,000 hours of consecutive a100.000 light. The equivalent of five to ten years of continuous use of a light bulb without having to change it. In addition, you can buy the same colors from LED light bulbs than traditional lamps.

How to Choose Lighting for your Home

Depending on your personal tastes and needs, you may prefer a larger or smaller apartment, with a particular design of spaces, finishes and specific materials. But a detail that can not afford to pass up while searching for their dream apartment is lighting.

A well-lit apartment is key to creating a healthy atmosphere and increase the energy of the people of your home. In addition, light is the main temperature regulator of the apartment, so good lighting during the day, with natural light, it helps to keep warm during the night hours. So we will give you the keys for choosing the right light for your apartment, room by room.

Living Room lighting

The living room is one of the most difficult rooms in terms of coverage, as there are often several functional areas. The main objective – is moderate background lighting whose brightness depending on the situation can be changed. You can use almost all lighting options – desktop, wall lights, ceiling lights, with reflected or directed light. The large living room is not rare voluminous chandeliers, for a small room suitable miniature lights for walls and built-in halogen lamp.

It is recommended to regulate lighting to illuminate the main objects and minor areas: workplace, mirrors, shelves, etc. Try to avoid the accumulation of shadows, as it is considered one of the most common errors of design.

One idea is to install recessed lights in the ceiling and illuminate the walls and floor to create gentle yet effective lighting. The spotlights pointing upwards reach the ceiling and evoke a special atmosphere in the room, make it more inviting.

this can be increased with an extra table lamps or floor lamps for tasks such as reading or sewing and add a source that points to something special for objects or areas you want to highlight. Place appliques in strategic places such as around the fireplace adds a nice decorative touch.

Kitchen and Dining Room lighting

The kitchen lighting should be uniform and not too blinding. One kitchen light fixture in the center of the ceiling will not be enough. All functional areas should be covered, especially the main hostess jobs: cutting table, a place near the sink and stove. In addition, you must top (called background) lighting, also recommended the installation of lamps inside shelves or cabinets. For illumination of the workplace, which is under the wall cabinet, it is best suited special ribbon lighting.

As for the kitchen lights, fluorescent lamps are the most traditional, offering the strong light is needed for tasks such as cooking. However, modern homes now use more sophisticated lighting setups that provide bright light for cooking and also elegant and relaxing light.

If the kitchen is used as a dining room, in this case over the dining table should be positioned recessed lights in the ceiling or hang an original lift-drain tube. But, as if there may be, in many kitchens in our time a major decision is light, which is located in the center of the kitchen. This kitchen light fixtures dooms mistress to work in deep shadow. A good option is to use dimmable LED lights. You can adjust the lighting so that less or more intense.

Bedroom Lighting

The bedroom is the perfect place to play with light and tones. The best option overhead lighting will light scattered at the ceiling. Additional lamps fit perfectly next to the bed, it can be a lamp or lamps on the bedside table. Bedside lights should not be too bright, because it is needed only to illuminate the book. It should be slightly to the side and top of the head reader. For such purposes the perfect shades with directional light.

The bedroom is not recommended to install the light is too bright, it should be warm and soft. Suffice it to a few wall lights, bedside lights and spotlights in the ceiling. It is important to combine manageable local lamps with muted background light. Glare-free, bright light source can accommodate about dressing table.

From the variety of lighting fixtures recommended to choose the model that are not contrasting, but simply to be easily and naturally complementary design room, as well as its color scheme.

If the bedroom has a sitting area, then you can put reading lamps beside the chairs. If you prefer to read in bed, bedside lamps are ideal as they allow focus light on the book.

Bathroom lighting

It is important that the bathroom was brightly lit, but do not forget about the possibility of creating a muted, relaxing light. For background lighting here should also be used on different levels of light sources, and for complete relaxation and rest better if one mirror is highlighted. For no color distortion, which is so important when applying makeup, use an incandescent light bulb near the mirror, while shaving fit fluorescent lamp.

The vanity mirror with lights can also create a pleasant light to make you look good. The trend in modern bathrooms is the installation of projectors in the showers.

In a room with a humidity it is important to use lamps with a shade closed, and frosted glass, and switches better not to put in, to avoid touching them with wet hands. Proper positioning of the light in the bathroom can create a favorite place for rest and seclusion in the house.

Children’s Room lighting

Preschoolers need a higher level of coverage, since in those years a lot of time is given to mobile games. For the safety and comfort in the rooms of children of primary school age poor night lighting installed.

For a child, there is one important condition – all lights should be located at a height inaccessible to the child to ensure that it is not only a harmonious development, but also security.

Older children will need a qualitatively or small table lamps, portable lamps for the working area (place for homework, etc.).

Hallway Lighting

The basic rule – no shadows. First: entrance hall intended for a utilitarian function, and therefore, it should have bright lighting, which is understandable, because the shoes hard to find in the dark or trying to get into the sleeve of its coat and the more correct makeup before going out. Secondly adjacent rooms should have a comparative light, no brighter hallway. Third: it determines the entrance the first impression of the house and medieval darkness in a small corridor or does not play into the hands of the owners of the house.

Proper use of light will increase the small space, narrow and expand the space. Primary light source should be added to highlight the area of ​​mirrors, it is necessary to pay special attention to setting the lamp, the light from it is distributed evenly and does not create highlights and shadows. Ideally it would be if the two lamps on either side of the mirror.

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