Surely a plastic light can’t be as strong as a metal one? So it’s lightweight. What’s the advantage of that?

LIGHTFORCE is more than just another ‘plastic’ light, we pioneered the use of Hi-Tec composites in lighting equipment. Consider how materials have evolved in the automotive and aviation industry sector. Lighter and stronger than steel or old fashioned convention and new levels of performance previously not thought possible. LIGHTFORCE set a new benchmark in strength and durability that became legendary. Vulnerable glass and or heavy metal is just illogical, especially in off-road motor sport!

Ask any knowledgeable fabricator, if he/she can have an item of equal strength or even stronger for less weight, what would they choose? A resounding “YES PLEASE!”. Think of a CLASS 1, TROPHY TRUCK or sand rail with typically 8-10 HID lights, the majority mounted on the roof. Why add unnecessary weight in such a handling dynamic sensitive area? This is where LIGHTFORCE is the answer, plus light output that is unsurpassed.