Ceiling Lights For Bedrooms and Ceiling Fixtures for more Comfortability

Choose bedrooms lighting not always easy – it is important to consider the dimensions of the bedroom – seating area where there is no room light intensity. Options for creating the lighting design in the bedroom, there are many – just need to properly tie a group of lighting to functional zones and choose the appropriate performance and light sources. How to choose the lighting for the bedroom – to address this issue should begin only after the planning decision formed the room and there is a project with furniture. Once you identify where in the bedroom is a bed, a wardrobe and a chest of drawers, a hanging mirror, and a dressing table, you can start to think about the ceiling light fixtures and their placement in the interior. And here some bedroom ceiling lighting ideas with bedroom ceiling light fixtures that will transform your interior.

Bedroom ceiling lighting – How to choose?

Bedroom ceiling light is the main background light, gently creating a comfortable light in the room. As a rule, it creates a ceiling light – the bedroom plays its role perfectly, chandelier: Suspension or invoice. The ceiling chandelier in the bedroom are selected by size, number of lights, and design. Many do not represent, in any place, to hang a chandelier in the bedroom – it is usually fixed on the axis of the room, at the point of intersection of the diagonals drawn from one corner of the ceiling.

But for a bedroom, ceiling light can be arranged not only with the chandelier and the ceiling and with the help of illumination on the perimeter. In this case, according to our modern bedroom lighting, in the bedroom, mount multi-level ceiling plasterboard with lighting tucked into a niche. Available as ceiling lights, spotlights built-in, or surface-mounted.

Suspended Ceiling Lights

Somehow, there is a perception that chooses to light for bedrooms with suspended ceilings is difficult. The suspended ceiling can arrange any fixtures: chandeliers hanging overhead and lamps, built-in spot, and LED lights. The only limitation – the suspended ceiling in the bedroom can not be equipped with incandescent lighting lamps; if they are located very close to the film plane, they can melt.

When to stretch ceilings, usually stop at LED bedroom ceiling lights – LEDs do not run high risk for PVC do not present. Installation of all the light sources to the stretch ceilings is performed by metal fasteners attached to the concrete slab and hidden behind the film’s surface. The material and design of the fasteners chosen, based on the design and weight of the lamp, so that no obstacles to accommodate even the overall hanging lamps for the bedroom with a stretch ceiling does not exist.

No Chandeliers

The most simple variant arrangement of ceiling lights for a bedroom without chandeliers is sewn plasterboard ceiling, dropping a distance sufficient to install built-in spotlights. Typically standpipe ranges from 5 to 12 cm, depending on the size and capacity of selected light sources. Such a decision is justified when the ceiling is uneven, with a significant drop in the level. In this case, the Civil filing performs a dual function: as a leveling element and as a plane, for which the device is placed fixtures.

Spotlights can be mounted on plasterboard elements in rectangular or circular ducts mounted on the ceiling above the bed. Effectively looks such ceiling detail, complete with stained glass, illuminated from the inside. Colored glass softens the light flows and fills the bedroom with colorful highlights, creating a mysterious atmosphere perfectly combined with the style of Art Nouveau.

Without chandeliers, you can use the false ceiling LED lights in the bedroom, inherent in special ceiling cornices. This idea is good for bedrooms with low ceilings – when the lit perimeter of the central part of the ceiling is slightly shaded and, thus, the height of the room can not be read. However, such coverage will not be enough, and we will have to enter a few more lamps at the bedside of the room area.

Lights Above Bed

Bedroom bed – the main piece of furniture and interior center of the composition, so the lights above the bed in the bedroom are important. To isolate the bed is often used lighting devices by placing them close to the bed on the ceiling and walls and in the recesses.

The most common technique backlight berth – creation with the help of building walls, plasterboard niches, wide beds with bedside tables. The peculiarity of this kind of nook is a hidden cavity around the perimeter of the structure, which is charged with tubular discharge lamps or LED strip lights. So form concealed lighting, emitting a soft light framing recreation area.

Highlighting the bed in the bedroom can be realized with the help of spotlights mounted in a drywall box that is put on the entire length of the wall adjacent to the bed. This background light is often complemented by two chandeliers, ceiling on long suspensions placed on tables. Form lampshades and chandeliers configuration selected, based on the style of decorating a bedroom, but more often – it is a geometrically correct volume with concise frame.

The modern bedrooms sometimes practiced asymmetrical composition berth when one side of the bed is a bedside table, and on the other – a dressing table. In this case, a single chandelier hanging over the bedside table becomes dominant and selected quite expressive in shape, execution, and coloring.

If you do not know how to choose the ceiling lights for bedrooms above the bed in the classic style of the interior, it is better to stay at the lighting with two lamps. A pair of wall-mounted fixtures are not very high above the bed – so they act as task lighting for reading or working when such decisions are selected lighting chandeliers and sconces bedroom complete – in the same style and color scheme.

A striking accent will highlight the bed in the bedroom with a massive original form located on the axis of the wall above the bed. This wall lamp, a reflector equipped with slots on the wall, can create unusual shadow and lit spots. This option is a good bedroom lighting ceiling in a modern style when the background of the laconic light environment is an active design element.

Bedside lighting: Great bedroom with beautiful bedside lamps

Floor lamps are perfect to create bedside lights in the bedroom, bedside tables set around. If you choose the floor lamps with fabric shades, they will emit a dim light flowing, enveloping zone bed.

The traditional solution – the use of the bedroom table lamps, standing on the bedside table. Usually bedroom is looked after by a chandelier and table lamps included – so no problems with maintaining the overall style of the interior. However, this lighting design was selected for the bedroom, decorated in classic style – for rooms decorated in a contemporary vein.

The best lighting option in a modern manner – a bedside lamps for the bedroom, built-in bed. In this case, the headboard is equipped with a hidden niche LED backlight or pivoting bulkhead fixed to the head plane. This design bed immediately eases your doubts if you have no idea how to choose lighting for the bedroom in the style of hi-tech or minimalism.

Bedroom Wall Lights

Wall lighting in the bedroom is selected when the room has low ceilings to each centimeter on the account. Lovely way out – bedroom lamps wall fasteners placed with a certain step at the height of 2-2.3 meters and a ceiling light in fragments.

Certain difficulties arise when you need to pick up the lighting for the bedroom, accent decor items: wall panels, paintings, stucco, or architectural elements. In this case, you should look at the lighting device directed light Bedroom swivel design that allows to focus the light beam and direct it in the right direction.

Interesting bedroom ceiling lights ideas for lighting design served directional light source, embedded in the floor, to emerge some fragments of walls or decorative objects in the interior: sculptures, floor vases, flowers. Rays of light aimed at the flower room with original foliage can create a wall of black and white whimsical drawing that will qualify for expressive emphasis decorated bedroom.

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