Bathroom Mirror Lights

In the small bathroom, the mirror is the principal element. When the sanitary facilities also located in a small apartment, its importance is even more fundamental.

It has not a lot of space in general. Often however, the preparation is done for the day in the bathroom in front of the mirror. The lighting there is of fundamental importance.

Modern bathrooms exude simplicity and perfect functionality. This also applies to the lighting. To illustrate you what does this mean exactly, we have formulated some rules for mirror with lights below. Hopefully can help you.

Bathroom Mirror lights with Creative Ideas to Reach a very Good View

The ambient light must serve as a bathroom mirror lights. They must constitute in a good basis for sharp and realistic view. At the same time there should be a separate bathroom mirrors with lights. This is as a separate, albeit define the area into the whole integrated zone. Thus, the whole works for the first time more comfortable and upscale, but at the same time, the bathroom mirror can also fulfill its function better.

Points around the Bathroom Mirror

Selectively designed illuminated bathroom mirrors is very important for the entire ambiance and brings great benefits. In particular, the lateral light sources should always work well. To avoid any shadows on the face.

This concept should also replace the lights above the mirror. You must distributed the over mirror bathroom light in small dots and thus also avoid the shade of the faces.

Determining a Central Element

The introduction of several lights in room to avoid dark corners and places must be done in any case to cost the definition of a central element. To achieve a superior character. Then the bathroom lighting can also be based.

The Ambient lighting

The special bathroom mirror with lights or such emphasis of another element may mean in any case the renunciation of a central air. Security is everywhere in the bathroom is a must. The good visibility of all elements is particularly important in this respect and it must secure in all corners.

Lighting Under the Sink

The bathroom mirror light must also be combined with light sources necessarily have been integrated under the sink. Here, too, must be avoided in the end the formation of any shade.

Natural light as Much

If you have the possibility for natural light in the bathroom, you should definitely take advantage of it. You have but to combine this with good bathroom mirror lighting. In certain cases, natural light may even be a bit disturbing. It may also bring shade. Thanks to the mounting of the curtain could vary between two lighting options and always prefer what brings the most benefits.

Halogen light

The halogen light bulbs are for the bathroom mirror and general lighting in the room is of fundamental importance. You can reach a very good view, act naturally and last a long time off.

Special Lighting for Bathroom Mirror

Special lighting is important for the bathroom mirror lights that they may well come to right with the moisture. Opt for the models that have been designed specifically for this purpose like vanity mirror with lights or makeup mirror with lights.

Two Ambient lights

Very modern are now the concepts with two ambient lighting. They are so divided that one, time, time is the shower area as an accent in the general illumination of the room to the mirror.

How to Choose the Perfect Mirror lighting

The makeup too thick, the Rouge too dark, shaving succeeded only on one side? A clear case of poor lighting levels. With us you will learn how to proceed properly when illuminating your bathroom mirror. By proper selection of mirrors with lights. until the optimum installation, we help you with important tips for lighted bathroom mirror – and show you how to illuminate your mirror that it supports you perfectly applying makeup, shaving and styling.

Lighted Mirror or Mirror Lighting?

When installing your mirror lights you have two options: The first is a mirror to buy, which already brings the lighting. Advantage of such illuminated bathroom mirror and bathroom mirror cabinets is that they take up little space.

Variant two is the combination of mirror plus lighting. For this you need a little more space, but have several advantages. On the one hand mirror with lights are often much brighter than integrated lights to lighted bathroom mirror and bathroom mirror cabinets. Secondly, mirrors with lights can buy more separately unlikely event of a partial damage. A third advantage: you can set with mirror lights visually beautiful accents. Our recommendation is therefore, the best to buy a nice mirror and combine these with the appropriate lighting – especially if you have enough space and need a lot of light. For small bathrooms or very little storage space, the bathroom mirror cabinets are also a good choice.

The Ideal location for the Bathroom Mirror lights

The aim of the bathroom mirrors with lights is that your reflection looks as authentic as possible. The best succeed with an all-round lighting, similar to a theater dressing. It is also advisable to attach the lights to the left and right of the mirror. Or place a light above the mirror surface matter how you illuminate your mirror, on three things you should look for in any case:

  • Light always uniform, never from one side only
  • Do not shine into the mirror, the eyes hurt
  • Do not hang ceiling lights over the mirror that makes you look ten years older

And to what extent the lighting is best applied? It depends on how tall you are. In wall sconces mounted left and right of the mirror, the center of the lamp at about eye level should be. The bathroom over mirror lights, you should install them in about ten centimeters above your hairline.

LED Bathroom Mirrors – The Right light

If the choice of luminaires and lamps at the end. Here you should make sure that the light on the mirror neither too bright nor too dark. In addition, it should not hide and reproduce the colors realistically. As the right light we recommend bathroom mirrors with LED lights in a bright warm white, with a color temperature of 3000 to 4000 Kelvin. This is pleasant and can look natural face for mirror lights that are mounted near a shower or bath, you also need to consider the degree of protection: Is the light below a height of 2.25 meters and closer than 60 centimeters from the bath – or shower tray edge away, you may only luminaires of protection IP44 (or higher). Information on the respective degree of protection can be found in the detailed description of each LED light. Otherwise you your creativity knows no bounds.

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